Prison Performing Arts


Prison Performing Arts involves incarcerated youth and adults in the performing arts to inspire intellectual curiosity and personal development. They nurture the discipline, teamwork and communication skills necessary for successful re-entry into society. PPA encourages members of the larger community to connect personally with program participants, offering continuing programs for participants who have been released.

City Block began supporting PPA’s marketing efforts in August 2018. Our work goes beyond daily social media management; we seek to better understand the experiences of incarcerated youth and adults in PPA’s programs by attending shows and events hosted by the organization. As we do so, we gather visual and written content to use on PPA’s website, social media profiles and print materials. We focus on narrative storytelling, as the plays themes often align with the rehabilitation process in prison or detention centers. As audience members, whether on social media or at the shows themselves, we can all expand our perspectives on prison reform and incarceration from engaging with PPA.

To view PPA’s daily social media content, click the links below.

Caitlin Lee